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  • Our roots:

Dyslexia Institutes of America was founded in 1997 by Dr. Elaine B. Jett, after noticing a need for the specialized care of dyslexic children in otherwise successful educational programs. By observation, study, and research with actual clients, Dr. Jett was able to develop a program which successfully diagnosed and treated dyslexics in a clinical setting. Dyslexia Institutes of America has been working hard to continually make strides in the education of both dyslexic children and adults ever since.

How we do it

Selection of the actual test battery began with an investigation into common characteristics exhibited by dyslexic individuals, resulting in a total of 12 different tests being selected for evaluation. Materials were then designed and purchased to remediate the skills tested on these. These tests are readministered after every 48 hours of therapy and the scores show significant improvement in both cognitive processing skills and phonological acquisition. Clients graduating from the individualized dyslexia program at the clinic are functioning well in the school atmosphere, able to cope with homework and class assignments. Dyslexia Institutes of America has changed many lives over the past decade, but we aren’t done just yet. Many psychologists, teachers, doctors, and hospitals refer clients for therapy and/or testing and our group of graduates is continuing to grow.

Our results

Graduates of our program very often go into other focused academic programs as offered by Huntington Learning and Sylvan Learning Centers. Even if they were unsuccessful in such a program before, these are now much more rewarding as the child has improved his/her memory skills, cognitive processing skills, and phonological skills. We are extremely proud to be a part of the foundation of a dyslexic child’s love of learning. Many parents report that after their therapy begins, their children are reading for pleasure and enjoying school for the first time.

Dyslexia Institutes of America is not only for children, though. Adults enrolled in the program report increased visual and auditory memory skills, including immediate, short, and long-term. They also report increased ability to read with comprehension and to spell accurately, many for the first time in their life. The Department of Rehabilitation Services helps many of the enrolled adults with this. After enrolling, you could be reading for pleasure for the first time!

Dr.  Elaine B. Jett

In 1997 Dr. Jett became aware that there was a deficiency in the development of some children to read and spell correctly in her Sylvan Learning Centers.  In the fall of 1997, Dr. Jett developed DIA to help these children.  Often these children were highly intelligent and sometimes even gifted individuals, in good health, but not responding to specific remedial instruction in reading, comprehension, and vocabulary development.  These children were dyslexic.

Through extensive studies and use of various research-based methods of working with dyslexics, a Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia evolved.  In working directly with clients, methods of organizing and delivering therapy were designed, tested, and researched.  Thus the Dyslexia Institutes of America evolved under her direction.

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